Mardoowarra / Fitzroy River

Mardoowarra / Fitzroy River (Western Australia)
vs the Federal and WA Governments


Case Introduction

The Tribunal, on 22nd October 2016, heard preliminary information from citizens and Earth lawyers, and admitted the cases to the Australian Tribunal for further deliberation during early 2017. The first case heard was Mardoowarra/Fitzroy River (Western Australia) vs the Federal and WA Governments.

This case was presented by traditional custodians of the Mardoowarra/Fitzroy River and included claims that the River must have its legal rights recognised, in accordance with the traditional custodians’ ‘first laws’ which respect the rights of nature.

Part 1 – Dr Anne Poelina

Part 2 – Dr Vic Semeniuk

Part 3 – Dr Michelle Lim and Case Summation

Tribunal Ruling

The tribunal rulings will be finalised soon and made available here.