For a full outline of the RONA Arts Program, visit the Australian Earth Laws Alliance’s Earth Arts page.

AELA believes that cultural change is a vital part of building Earth jurisprudence, and through Earth Arts, works to nurture the role of creativity in transforming law and governance.

To support the Tribunal and promote cultural engagement with the emerging movement around the Rights of Nature, AELA’s intention is to blend the creative re-interpretation of environmental governance with cultural responses to the rights of the natural world to flourish.

AELA’s Earth Arts program is dedicated to the artists from all cultures across time, who practiced in the fold of ecological health, and we continue in this tradition. If you are a creative and interested in getting involved, sharing your ideas or you’re simply curious about how Earth Jurisprudence links art & governance, please visit our website: . Everyone’s welcome to join us!

RONA16 (Rights of Nature Australia 2016)

RONA16 was a National Arts Celebration, featuring a range of activities: a national exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse called ‘Plenty’, a network of connected events and responses around Australia and an Artist in Residence program. Artists were invited to reflect on two key themes for RONA16:

to imagine and create the paradigm we’re proposing – earth laws and rights of nature, and;
to reveal, reflect, and critique the current flawed paradigm of Western law.

The RONA16 National Exhibition, Plenty, was held at the Brisbane Powerhouse, from September 26 to October 24, 2016. Plenty engaged audiences with questions about our interconnectedness with, and interdependence on, the natural world. The exhibition aimed to reactivate a sense of wonder in the everyday, and to assist in the contemplation of our place on this small planet.

RONA18  (Rights of Nature Australia 2018)

A range of arts initiatives are currently being planned, to promote the 2018 Peoples Tribunal for the Rights of Nature.  This will include a national exhibition in Brisbane, a network of regional events and exhibitions around Australia, and an Artist in Residence program.

RONA16 - 2016 Catalogue of Works

RONA 16 cover image – Marian Drew

View the full RONA16 catalogue of works.

Flinders Reef – Karen Benjamin

Habitat II – Renata Buziak